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Applied Functional Materials
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    Nov. 2023

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  • Open Access Article

    Analysis and Comparison of Multilayer Planar Structure Ultra–Wideband Absorbers for Visible to Mid–Infrared Light Using Different Simulation Software

    by Jing-Jenn Lin, Ling-Chieh Tseng and Cheng-Fu Yang*
    AFM 2023, Vol 3, Issue 4, 1-8, - Published on November 28, 2023


    In the past, the featured finite difference time domain (FDTD) software was used to simulate a multilayer planar structure light absorber’s design and obtain the optimal thickness for each layer through this software. In this study, we employed the thickness values obtained from FDTD in another software, COMSOL, for simulation. Subsequently, we compared the absorptivity simulated by COMSOL with that obtained through FDTD. Due to the different computational methods of the two software tools, the ...

  • Open Access Article

    Formation of Fine Line Circuits on Ferrite Substrate by Laser Direct Structuring Technology

    by Hong-Bing Tsai*, Syun-Yi Lai,, Quoc-Thai Pham and Hung-Ta Wu
    AFM 2023, Vol 3, Issue 4, 9-15, - Published on November 28, 2023


    The technology of laser direct structuring (LDS) on ferrite substrates was evaluated for the fabrication of fine-line circuits. The LDS technology involves laser activation followed by electroless copper plating. A sieving pattern was scanned by the near IR laser on the ferrite substrates, and electroless copper plating was carried out. The results showed that the LDS technology applied to Ni-Zn-Cu-ferrite films. Appropriate laser activation conditions were chosen to engrave a contrast pattern o...