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International Journal of Clinical Medicine and Bioengineering

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Vol.1, Iss.1, June 2021

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  • Open Access Editorial

    Introduction to a New Journal: International Journal of Clinical Medicine and Bioengineering

    by Po-Lei Lee*, Yuri Shelepin and Teen-Hang Meen
    IJCMB 2021, Vol 1, Issue 1, 1-2, - Published on March 20, 2021


    Clinical medicine is the branch of medicine about the practice of how clinical physicians carry on patients to promote health and cure illness. In contrast to traditional clinical medicine performs diagnosis and treatment on human subjects simply through direct observation, biostatistics, and clinical examination. The progress in recent medical technologies have provided more effective and efficient ways for physicians to treat patients. Scientists employ interdisciplinary knowledge, such as the...

  • Open Access Article

    Noncontact Vital Signs (NCVS) System for Potential Patient Monitoring Enabled by Robust Software Defined Radio (SDR)

    by Y. Liu, C. Sweeney, J. Mayeda, J. Hawkins, S. Rojas, P.E. Lie, T.Q. Nguyen and D.Y.C. Lie*
    IJCMB 2021, Vol 1, Issue 1, 3-11, - Published on September 30, 2021


    This research proposes a robust non-contact vital signs (NCVS) sensor system for continuously monitoring the human respiration rate (RR) and heart rate (HR) in a distance of around1.3 m. The novel Doppler-based NCVS sensor system is realized using an SDR (software defined radio) unit with optimized transmit/receive gain in commercial broadband, which filters intermediate frequency (IF) and operates at 2.4 GHz ISM band using a pair of small PCB antennas. When compared with the vital signs data me...