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International Journal of Environmental Sustainability and Protection

 IJESP 2022/03
Vol.2, Iss.1 : 23-29
Coupling Relationship of Urban Ecological Environment in Jiangsu, China

Chengxiang Wang1, Chuanming Liu2 and Pinrong He1*
1Institute of Land and Urban-Rural Planning, Huaiyin Normal University, China
2School of Urban and Environmental Science, Huaiyin Normal University, China

As the contradiction between urbanization and the ecological environment becomes more prominent, a coupling degree model based on coupling theory needs to be established to calculate their comprehensive levels. The coupling degree of the 13 cities in Jiangsu reveals the spatial pattern to propose countermeasures and suggestions. The results show that the comprehensive level of urbanization presents a stepped municipal spatial pattern of “the southern is higher than the central region and the central region is higher than the northern”. The spatial pattern of the urban ecological environment is observed in two extreme cities, while the other cities are not significantly different. The degree of coupling and coordination between them has reached a high level of coupling, showing a spatial pattern of “stepped down to the north to the north”. Finally, we propose targeted development strategies for different levels of regions.

Keywords:  Urbanization, Ecological Environment, Coupling Model, Jiangsu

*Corresponding author; e-mail:
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