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International Journal of Social Sciences and Artistic Innovations
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  • Open Access Article

    Research on Innovative Self-Made Multifunctional Teaching Toys and Self-Made Picture Books

    by Ya-Jane Chaung, Wan-Yun Tseng, Yong-Yan Wang, Yu-Hsuan Zhang and Bao-Yuan Huang*
    IJSSAI 2023, Vol 3, Issue 3, 1-9, - Published on September 30, 2023


    We developed the “innovative multi-functional teaching toy inside and outside the tent” with situational picture books, which had several game modes for parents and children to play the game together. The result of this research was filed for an invention patent and won the Gold Medal in the International Invention Competition. We analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of commercially available tents and conducted quantitative research to understand the effectiveness of the products. In the q...

  • Open Access Article

    Analysis of Current Situation of Students Majoring English Singing Repertoires in Zhaoqing University

    by Peng-Chian Chen*
    IJSSAI 2023, Vol 3, Issue 3, 10-14, - Published on September 30, 2023


    English plays a key role in applying for a master’s/doctoral degree or communicating internationally. Singing English songs, however, has not been taken seriously in China. Hence, we investigated the situations of English song learning through a questionnaire survey conducted for students of the School of Music at Zhaoqing University. We compared the difficulty of studying English, Chinese, and Italian songs based on the experiences of the interviewees. According to the experience of the intervi...