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International Journal of Social Sciences and Artistic Innovations

 IJSSAI 2022/06
Vol.2, Iss.2 : 68-79
Design Models and Practices of Competencies-oriented Cross-Disciplinary Aesthetic Curriculum in Primary School

Qiao Mao1*
1Department of Fine Arts,National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

This study aims to explore the design models and practices of the competencies-oriented cross-disciplinary aesthetic curriculum in primary schools. Using observation, interview, and document analysis, case studies are performed to analyze and explore the effects, difficulties, and possible solutions in the competencies-oriented design. Classroom observation records, teacher interview records, student works, teaching design, and research notes are collected for this study. Research findings include the following. (1) Teachers can flexibly choose the design mode of the competencies-oriented interdisciplinary aesthetic curriculum according to students' needs, social resources, and the social context. (2) Combined with the art domain curriculum guideline, we develop a competencies-oriented interdisciplinary aesthetic curriculum and teach with local characteristics. (3) Developing and implementing a competencies-oriented interdisciplinary aesthetic curriculum promote the professional growth of teachers.

Keywords:  Core competencies, Cross-disciplinary aesthetic curriculum, Curriculum design mode

Published:30 June, 2022
*Corresponding author; e-mail: cxhmao@gmail.
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