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International Journal of Clinical Medicine and Bioengineering
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    Sep. 2022

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  • Open Access Article

    Physiology and Technology of Clinical Gollin Test

    by Stanislav Morozov *, Sergey Pronin , Maria Kniazeva , Alexandr Pavlov , Nikita Solovyev , Vladimir Reituzov , Valerij Chikhman , Elena Ogorodnikova , Konstantin Shelepin and Yurij Shelepin
    IJCMB 2022, Vol 2, Issue 3, 1-15, - Published on September 30, 2022


    This review provides a detailed description of the Gollin test technique based on the recognition of fragmented images. Important stages in the development of this method are considered, too. The attention is paid to a review of our research conducted using the Gollin test to solve various problems in studying the mechanisms of signal extraction from noise, invariant perception, the insight phenomenon, and modeling the functioning of the nervous system. The neurophysiological mechanisms of incom...

  • Open Access Article

    Pattern Recognition and Noncommutativity in Decision Making

    by Nikita Solovyev and Stanislav Morozov*
    IJCMB 2022, Vol 2, Issue 3, 16-22, - Published on September 30, 2022


    Psychological and sociological studies have shown that the order of questions affects the likelihood of obtaining final answers. We studied the influence of image presentation on the efficiency of pattern recognition using the Gollin test. It was found that the correctness/incorrectness of the answer to the first presented image with a larger contour filling affected the subsequent probability of recognizing an image with less contour filling. A qualitative comparison of the obtained results wit...

  • Open Access Article

    Hematological Parameters in Patients with Covid-19: Age and Gender Aspects

    by Ulduz Hashimova, Kharira Safikhanova*, Aliya Gaisina, Ismayil Afandiyev , Azad Ahmadov and Madina Abdullayeva
    IJCMB 2022, Vol 2, Issue 3, 23-30, - Published on September 30, 2022


    During the pandemic of COVID-19, the availability of robust laboratory data for patient triage is of paramount importance. This study aimed to investigate the hematological profile of patients with COVID-19 at an early stage of the disease who were admitted to the hospital. We used the retrospective analysis of hemograms of 332 patients with COVID-19 to calculate the average values of white blood cell variables, the neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio (NLR)1, and the systemic immune-inflammation index (...