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International Journal of Clinical Medicine and Bioengineering
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Open Access Research Paper
 IJCMB 2022/06
Vol.2, Iss.2 : 27-34

Evaluation of Facial Skin Condition Based on RBX Image Technology

Po-Han Huang1, Shu-Chen Chang2 and Chih-Yu Wang3*

1Huang PH Dermatology and Aesthetics, Kaohsiung, Taiwan;
2Department of Hospitality Management, Tajen University, Pingtung, Taiwan;
3Department of Biomedical Engineering, I-Shou University, Taiwan

The skin color of the human face is mainly determined by the content of hemoglobin (in red) and melanin (in brown). RBX image technology transforms full-color images into RBX color space, in which the "Red" component is associated with hemoglobin, and the "Brown" component is associated with melanin. This article presents a skin condition evaluation system based on RBX image technology, which is practically applied to the identification of the severity of rosacea patients, as well as the whiteness of the skin of the patient receiving pulse laser toning. In the research of rosacea grading, we analyze the "Red" component image and establish the R-G index to grade the severity of rosacea. It was found that the value of the R-G index increased with the severity of rosacea. ANOVA test results show significant differences among the four severity groups. In the research on the effect of facial skin toning by pulsed laser, we analyzed the "Brown" component image and established five brightness levels as indicators to evaluate the skin whitening effect. The result shows that the ups and downs of these brightness levels reflect changes in skin tone. These indicators provide a new way for quantification of skin conditions.

Keywords:  RBX image technology, Rosacea severity, Picosecond laser toning, R-G index, Brightness level

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Received:May 09, 2022; Revised:May 31, 2022; Accepted:June 09, 2022; Published:June 30, 2022
*Corresponding author; e-mail:

Citation:Huang, P.H.; Chang, S.C.; Wang, C.Y.Evaluation of Facial Skin Condition Based on RBX Image Technology. International Journal of Clinical Medicine and Bioengineering 2022, 2, 27-34.

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