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Applied Functional Materials

 AFM 2022/03
Vol.2, Iss.1 : 36-43
Electron Cloud Densitometry of Inner and Valence Electrons in Carbon Allotropes

Olexandr Kucherov1
1Institute of Structural Information Technology, Kyiv, Ukraine

Electron cloud densitometry of carbon allotropes is presented in this study. Carbon consists of two inner and four valence electrons. The valence electrons in carbon are hybridized or active. Each active valence electron builds a negatively charged shape due to their delocalization. It is proved that the active valence electron creates the van der Waals force, which bonds layers of crystalline graphite together. An easy quantum mechanical explanation of the electron cloud densitometry is given in this study. In accordance with this effect, an atom begins to illuminate, depicting its shape. Electron cloud densitometry images show the inner and valence electrons in the applied functional materials, such as activated coke, graphite, graphene, and diamond.

Keywords:  Electron cloud densitometry, Visual chemistry, Activated coke, Graphite, Graphene, Diamond.

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