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Applied Functional Materials
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    Laser-Induced Selective Metallization on Aluminum Nitride for Fine Line Circuits

    by Hong-Bing Tsai*, Syun-Yi Lai, Quoc-Thai Pham and Hung-Ta Wu
    AFM 2024, Vol 4, Issue 1, 1-6, - Published on March 30, 2024


    The technology of laser direct selective metallization on aluminum nitride substrate was investigated for manufacturing fine line circuits. In laser direct structuring, laser activation and electroless copper plating were used. The feasibility was evaluated by analyzing the sieving, contrast, and fine linewidth patterns, and the results showed that the width of the feasible fine reached 100 μm. A near-field communication (NFC) antenna circuit of the width of 400 μm was fabricated on the aluminum...