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Applied Functional Materials
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Open Access Research Paper
 AFM 2023/06
Vol.3, Iss.2 : 1-7

Picoscopy Discoveries of the Binary Atomic Structure

Olexandr Kucherov1* and Andrey Mudryk2

1Institute of Structural Information Technology, Kyiv 01042, Ukraine
2Company “GIGAHARD” Ltd. EUROPE, Plovdiv 4000, Bulgaria

In this article, we present a discovery of the binary atomic structure. Through picoscopy experiments, it was revealed that electronic structure is divided into core and functional structures. Internal chemically neutral electrons form the core of an atom and are spherical in pink, while the outer functional electrons are elongated in green being chemically active. A spherical yellow layer separates these two parts. It significantly simplifies the Schrödinger equation and leads to a solution for all 118 chemical elements. As a result, the Kucherov-Mudryk formula w = n + ¾l was derived. That formula allowed for organizing the periodic table in ascending order of the whole energy where en electron first fills the level with the lowest energy, according to the Minimum Potential Energy general principle of nature.

Keywords:  Electron configuration, Periodic table of elements, Atomic structure, Multi-electron atom, Picoscopy, Minimum Potential Energy principle, Schrödinger equation, Electron energy level, Electron shell

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Received:April 30, 2023; Revised:May 20, 2023; Accepted:June 01, 2023; Published:June 30, 2023
*Corresponding author; e-mail:

Citation:Kucherov, O.; Mudryk, A.Picoscopy Discoveries of the Binary Atomic Structure. Applied Functional Materials 2023, 3, 1-7.

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