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Applied Functional Materials
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Open Access Research Paper
 AFM 2023/12
Vol.3, Iss.4 : 9-15

Formation of Fine Line Circuits on Ferrite Substrate by Laser Direct Structuring Technology

Hong-Bing Tsai1*, Syun-Yi Lai,1, Quoc-Thai Pham1 and Hung-Ta Wu1

1Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, National Ilan University, Yilan County 260, Taiwan

The technology of laser direct structuring (LDS) on ferrite substrates was evaluated for the fabrication of fine-line circuits. The LDS technology involves laser activation followed by electroless copper plating. A sieving pattern was scanned by the near IR laser on the ferrite substrates, and electroless copper plating was carried out. The results showed that the LDS technology applied to Ni-Zn-Cu-ferrite films. Appropriate laser activation conditions were chosen to engrave a contrast pattern on ferrite sheet samples. A chosen condition was used to fabricate a line width evaluation pattern, and the results indicated that the feasible fine width could be as fine as 50 μm.

Keywords:  Laser direct structuring, Ferrites, Laser activation, Electroless copper plating

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Received:September 24, 2023; Revised:October 24, 2023; Accepted:November 10, 2023; Published:November 28, 2023
*Corresponding author; e-mail:

Citation:Tsai, H.B.; Lai,, S.Y.; Pham, Q.T.; Wu, H.T.Formation of Fine Line Circuits on Ferrite Substrate by Laser Direct Structuring Technology. Applied Functional Materials 2023, 3, 9-15.

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