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International Journal of Environmental Sustainability and Protection
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Open Access Research Paper
 IJESP 2022/09
Vol.2, Iss.3 : 16-31

Key Sustainable Factors for Recreational Fishery Development Under Rural Revitalization Policy

Xin-Ruo Wang1, Ta-Jen Chu2* and Tien-Sheng Lin3

1Fisheries College, Jimei University, Jimei District, Xiamen 361021, China
2Fujian Provincial Key Laboratory of Marine Fishery Resources and Eco-Environment, Jimei University, Xiamen 361021, China
3Quanzhou University of Information Engineering, Fengze District, Quanzhou, Fujian, China

Received:August 03, 2022; Revised:August 28, 2022; Accepted:September 03, 2022; Published:September 30, 2022
With the promotion of rural revitalization policies, coastal cities have begun to actively develop recreational fisheries for local social and economic benefits. The recreational fishery is the future development trend of the fishery and leisure industry. Thus, this study aims to construct a set of indicators to objectively evaluate the key success factors of recreational fisheries development under rural revitalization policies. For the evaluation, relevant supporting measures are analyzed, and industry strategies are formulated. This study is conducted through a literature review and by applying the Delphi method. Through two rounds of measurement by experts and scholars, the key success factors and a set of indicators of recreational fishery development under rural revitalization policy are found. Six important dimensions are proposed, including fishery resources, environment, accommodation, services, activities, and recreational fisheries policy. After the analysis of the central tendency, 52 factors for the development of recreational fisheries are defined. The most important dimensions for recreational fishery are found to be resources and environmental conditions, followed by service conditions, activities and policy conditions, and accommodation conditions. Among them, experts and scholars are concerned about the four indicators: "Tasting delicious aquatic products", "Government support: whether the government has included the project into development and support", " Recreational fishing activities pricing" and "Talent revitalization: cultivating talents for the development of secondary and tertiary industries in fishing villages". The following suggestions are put forward with the result: (1) making recreational fishery an important object of my country's rural revitalization policy, (2) using each indicator as the basis for policy implementation, and (3) establishing a recreational fishery promotion group. At six levels, key implementation strategies are proposed.

Keywords:  Rural revitalization policy, Recreational fishery, Key Sustainable Factors, Delphi method

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*Corresponding author; e-mail:

Citation:Wang, X.R., & Chu, T.J., & Lin, T.S.(2022). Key Sustainable Factors for Recreational Fishery Development Under Rural Revitalization Policy. International Journal of Environmental Sustainability and Protection, 2(3), 16-31.

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