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International Journal of Environmental Sustainability and Protection
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Open Access Research Paper
 IJESP 2022/12
Vol.2, Iss.4 : 24-32

Current Status and Topics of Research on Smart Fishery in China: A Literature Review based on CNKI (2000−2022)

Wei-Hua Chen1, Jia-Ying Liu2, Yue-Ping Zhang3 and Ta-Jen Chu1*

1Fisheries College, Jimei University, Jimei District, Xiamen 361021, China
2Fujian Provincial Key Laboratory of Marine Fishery Resources and Eco-Environment, Jimei University, Xiamen 361021, China
3Fujian Institute of Oceanography, Xiamen 361021, China

Recently, it has become important to find a way to combine modern information technology with the traditional fishery industry. For this, understanding the current situation of the smart fishery is important to promote its development. Promoting the transformation and upgrading of the traditional fishery industry can speed up the process of fishery modernization. Applying modern science and technology to the whole process of the fishery leads to the development of the fishery industry. Therefore, we tried to create a related knowledge map to present the status and important topics of China's smart fishery using the CNKI database from 2000 to 2022. CiteSpace software was used for the literature analysis, and Excel was used for statistical analysis and chart drawing of relevant data. The result shows the following. (1) Smart fishery is a new research field, and the number of related publications is on the rise. However, the total amount of literature is relatively small, and more research is needed. (2) Only a limited number of research groups and researchers have close cooperation, and most of them have little communication with each other. The map shows that "part of the network is concentrated, the whole point is scattered". (3) Major research topics are mainly focused on "aquaculture", "the Internet of Things", "marine fishery", "satellite remote sensing", "Internet" and "fishery production". (4) Future research topics and trends are likely to be in "modern fisheries", "big data", "aquatic products", "aquaculture", "marine ranching" and "recreational fisheries". Such a result provides a reference for decision-making and promoting the sustainable development of smart fisheries.

Keywords:  Smart fishery, CiteSpace, Research status, Research hotspot, Fishery informatization

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Received:November 15, 2022; Revised:December 02, 2022; Accepted:December 15, 2022; Published:December 30, 2022
*Corresponding author; e-mail:

Citation:Chen, W.H., & Liu, J.Y., & Zhang, Y.P., & Chu, T.J.(2022). Current Status and Topics of Research on Smart Fishery in China: A Literature Review based on CNKI (2000−2022). International Journal of Environmental Sustainability and Protection, 2(4), 24-32.

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