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Innovation on Design and Culture
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Open Access Research Paper
 IDC 2023/12
Vol.2, Iss.4 : 1-9

Exploring Aesthetic Elements of Spring Imagery and Floral Design from Consumer’s Perspective

Jung-Fen Hang1 and Meng-Yin Ho2*

1Department of Arts and Crafts, Tung-fang Design University, Kaohsiung 82941, Taiwan
2Department of Creative Product Design, I-Shou University, Kaohsiung 840203, Taiwan

Received:November 01, 2023; Revised:December 01, 2023; Accepted:December 20, 2023; Published:December 30, 2023
We investigated the aesthetic elements of spring imagery and floral design from the perspective of consumers and examined how these elements affected consumer preferences and satisfaction levels. Using the evaluation grid method (EGM) method and the Kano model, we delineated and appraised essential aesthetic components that are inherent in spring imagery. An IPA analysis was employed to deepen the understanding of their impact on consumer perceptions. The results indicated that the fundamental aesthetic elements of spring imagery, including rhythm, romance, a sense of happiness, and idyllic beauty, played a pivotal role in enhancing the allure of floral designs and boosting consumer satisfaction. The IPA analysis result underscored the significance of the vibrancy, vitality, and innovation in color schemes, which consumers particularly cherished in the context of spring imagery. Additionally, key qualitative elements such as 'Vibrant Colors', 'Sense of Rhythm', 'Thriving', 'Romantic', 'Energetic Imagery', 'Imagery of Happiness', and 'Poetic and Picturesque' were highlighted which have not yet been fully actualized in contemporary floral design practices. The results suggested future enhancements and offered a reference for floral designers to understand and meet consumer expectations related to spring imagery and create more captivating and satisfying floral creations. Furthermore, these findings provided theoretical and empirical foundations for academic research in related disciplines, enhancing the understanding of the critical elements in floral design.

Keywords:  Imagery of spring, Floral design, Aesthetic elements, Kano model

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*Corresponding author; e-mail:

Citation:Hang, J.F., & Ho, M.Y.(2023). Exploring Aesthetic Elements of Spring Imagery and Floral Design from Consumer’s Perspective. Innovation on Design and Culture, 2(4), 1-9.

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Copyright: © 2023  The Author(s). Published with license by IIKII, Singapore. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY), which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.