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Innovation on Design and Culture

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Aims & Scope


Innovation on Design and Culture (IDC), a new journal, deals with the humanistic design that is rooted in human knowledge, culture, and creativity. The journal encourages researchers to publish original articles related to the humanistic design as it provides a platform for experts and scholars in the related fields to jointly share the latest research results and their applications. By stimulating innovative thinking and design, IDC supports experts and scholars to gain profound knowledge from different perspectives which combines technology, humanities, design, media, entertainment, music, culture, and other fields.

The topics of IDC include,


  • Humanistic design
  • Industry of Humanities and Creative
  • Technology of Humanities and Interactive
  • Big Data and Digital Application of Humanistic Design
  • Design of Smart Living
  • Other related fields to humanities design
  • Animation of Humanistic Design
  • Technology Art
  • Human-machine interface/User interface
  • Virtual Reality (VR)/ Augmented Reality (AR)/ Mixed Reality(MR)
  • Glocalization
  • Global Indigenous culture
  • Genetic Inheritance and Innovative Application of Indigenous Culture
  • Promotion of multicultural and local innovative operation
  • 3D Print Technology Art
  • People-oriented Design
  • Humanism/ Humanistic
  • Human Ecology Design
  • Human Geography Design
  • Human Landscape and Natural Landscape Design
  • Humanities, Culture, and Design thinking
  • User Experience Design
  • Human Factors Engineering Design