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Educational Innovations and Emerging Technologies
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Open Access Research Paper
 EIET 2022/03
Vol.2, Iss.1 : 74-79

Professional Identity of Normal University Directional Training Students for Being Teachers in Rural Areas

Qilong Ren1*, Xinyue Chen2, Guangxiong Mao1, Wei-Ling Hsu3, Jing Yang1 and Qianyun Wang1

1School of Urban and Environmental Science, Huaiyin Normal University, China
2School of Urban and Environmental Science, Central China Normal University, China
3School of Civil Engineering, Jiaying University, Meizhou, Guangdong, 514015, China

The professional identity and teaching intention of normal university students who took a targeted training program for certain areas were analyzed by using a questionnaire survey and unstructured interviews. After graduation, the students who completed the targeted training program become teachers in rural areas. The students attended a university in Jiangsu Province, China and majord geography during 2016−2019. The results showed that the students had a certain degree of professional identity and gradually deepened their knowledge in college training. However, their professional identity and improvement degree were lower than those of students who did not take the targeted training program. 27.33% of the students with the targeted training program chose to work in the rural areas after the mandatory service period. In the process of the targeted training program, we proposed to improve the publicity of the program, optimize the training system, and raise the payment to ensure their continuous work even after the mandatory period.

Keywords:  Rural teachers, Directional training students in normal university, Professional identity

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Received:N/A; Revised:N/A; Accepted:N/A; Published:March 30, 2022
*Corresponding author; e-mail:

Citation:Ren, Q., & Chen, X., & Mao, G., & Hsu, W.L., & Yang, J., & Wang, Q.(2022). Professional Identity of Normal University Directional Training Students for Being Teachers in Rural Areas. Educational Innovations and Emerging Technologies, 2(1), 74-79.

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