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    Jul. 2023

    2024 IEEE 7th Eurasian Conference on Educational Innovation (IEEE ECEI 2024)

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  • Open Access Article

    Toward a Framework for Robust Design-Based Research

    by M. Shane Tutwiler*, Denise M. Bressler , Joseph Reilly , Eileen McGivney , Tina A. Grotzer and Chris Dede
    EIET 2023, Vol 3, Issue 3, 1-7, - Published on September 30, 2023


    Design-based research (DBR) is a popular approach for studying and maximizing the effectiveness of learning environments in the Learning Sciences. This approach has historically been approached from a mixed-methodological perspective. In this article, we argue that, with an ever-increasing focus on using the results of DBR to inform policy and practice, the design of DBR studies must be made more robust by addressing issues inherent to the quantitative methodologies employed to track gains in le...

  • Open Access Article

    Exploring Learning Effectiveness of Narrative Curriculum in Guiding Design Concepts for Southeast Asian Students

    by Tzu-Chun Ma*, Chia-Hua Lin and Shu-Ni Hsu
    EIET 2023, Vol 3, Issue 3, 8-19, - Published on September 30, 2023


    Owing to the active promotion of Taiwan's New Southbound Policy, students from Southeast Asian countries account for the highest proportion of international students. However, in their communication in Mandarin Chinese, there exists a significant disparity in their understanding. Thus, this study was conducted to find a way to enhance the comprehension and creativity of Southeast Asian students using a narrative curriculum to a basic graphic design course. The questionnaire survey and analysis r...