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International Journal of Environmental Sustainability and Protection

 IJESP 2022/03
Vol.2, Iss.1 : 1-9
Research on Coordinated Evolution of Economic and Logistics Coupling in Yangtze River Delta Region

Qilong Ren1*, Jinbo Zhou1, Jing Yang1, Menglu Wu1 and Guangxiong Mao 1
1School of Urban and Environmental Science, Huaiyin Normal University, Huai’an, China

Two subsystems in the economy and logistics are proposed to establish a comprehensive evaluation index system by using principal component analysis and the comprehensive weighted method. For 41 cities of the Yangtze River Delta cities, the economic development and the comprehensive score of the logistics system in 2003, 2008, 2013, 2017 are calculated, and through the analysis of the coupling coordination model, the economic system and coupling coordination degree of the temporal and spatial evolution process of the logistics system are investigated. The results show that the coupling coordination degree in the Yangtze River Delta region decreases gradually from the eastern coastal areas to the inland areas, and the coupling coordination degree is polarized in space.

Keywords:  Regional Economy, Regional Logistics, Coupling Coordination, Yangtze River Delta Region

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