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International Journal of Social Sciences and Artistic Innovations
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Open Access Research Paper
 IJSSAI 2022/06
Vol.2, Iss.2 : 52-67

Korean Teachers' Perception of Future Education after COVID-19 and Direction of Technology Education

Ingyu Go1, Dongkuk Hwang1, Yeongjae Gil1 and Jiyeon Choi1*

1Korea National University of Education, Korea

This study was conducted to predict changes in education after COVID-19 through a survey of Korean teachers' perceptions of future education and to set the future direction of technology education based on this. To this end, in this study, by analyzing the educational situation after the COVID-19 crisis, five major categories were defined: “Educational Goals”, “Curriculum”, “Teachers’ Competencies”, “School Education System”, and “Education System for Pre-service Teachers”. A total of 465 people participated in the survey from 16 cities and provinces in the Republic of Korea from February to May 2021 and responded to 16 questions according to the topic and using the online survey tool. As a result of the survey, Korean teachers responded that "adaptation to new technology" and "pursuit of social values" need to be emphasized as educational goals after COVID-19, and "individualized distance education" and "project-based learning" need to be actively applied in curriculum operation. They thought that teachers would be required to have competencies such as “technology literacy” and “creating learning affordances”. In addition, in school education, "interdisciplinary integration" and "safety and health education" must be emphasized, and the teachers answered that it is important to learn social values. In the course of training pre-service teachers, it was considered necessary to expand convergence and complex courses and to actively apply blended learning, deeper learning, and crossover learning. Based on this, the direction of future technology education can be established. For the development of technology education, it is necessary to change competencies from problem-solving to concept design, metaverse-based technology education needs to be conducted, and technology ethics need to be treated importantly.

Keywords:  COVID-19, Korean teachers, Future education, Technology education, Research

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Received:N/A; Revised:N/A; Accepted:N/A; Published:June 30, 2022
*Corresponding author; e-mail:

Citation:Go, I., & Hwang, D., & Gil, Y., & Choi, J.(2022). Korean Teachers' Perception of Future Education after COVID-19 and Direction of Technology Education. International Journal of Social Sciences and Artistic Innovations, 2(2), 52-67.

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