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International Journal of Social Sciences and Artistic Innovations
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Open Access Research Paper
 IJSSAI 2022/09
Vol.2, Iss.3 : 25-32

Research on Development and Creation of Gender Equality Teaching Aids

Ya-Jane Chaung1*, Hsiu-Chun Lin2, Cing-Chuan Li3 and Yu-Ting Wu3

1Professor, Department of Early Childhood Care, Chang Gung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
2Educational staff, Zhongzheng Public Welfare Kindergarten Education, Taiwan
3Educational staff, Non-profit kindergarten in the text, Taiwan

Received:July 23, 2022; Revised:August 15, 2022; Accepted:August 23, 2022; Published:September 30, 2022
Teaching aids that allow young children to understand the concept of gender equality in "learning by play" is proposed in this study. We designed the storage method of picture books and teaching aids into backpacks, which were convenient for caregivers or children to carry by using self-made picture books as the primary medium. The appearance was designed with the supporting role of the pink elephant in the picture book. In addition to the cute and eye-catching appearance, it allowed children to integrate into the situation. Gender equality-related issues were mentioned many times in picture books, including the three categories of "clothing", "color", and "occupation" which often appear as stereotypes from the starting point. Rich and easy-to-understand plots were designed to enhance the fun of teaching aided by playing with operating help, so the gender equality problems were naturally integrated into the activities. The teaching aid was filed for a patent for invention and design. After completing the work, a questionnaire with reliability and validity was compiled for 34 subjects, and the result was conducted for a dependent-samples t-test. It was found that combining self-made gender equality picture books and teaching aids enhanced children's learning interest more than traditional gender equality teaching aids. Children's awareness of gender equality was raised to have them learn the concept of gender equality in their careers.

Keywords:  Gender equality, Teaching aids, Invention patents

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*Corresponding author; e-mail:

Citation:Chaung, Y.J., & Lin, H.C., & Li, C.C., & Wu, Y.T.(2022). Research on Development and Creation of Gender Equality Teaching Aids. International Journal of Social Sciences and Artistic Innovations, 2(3), 25-32.

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