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International Journal of Social Sciences and Artistic Innovations
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Open Access Research Paper
 IJSSAI 2022/09
Vol.2, Iss.3 : 6-14

Transforming Street Business Model in a Matsu Island Village: Practice of University’s Social Responsibility in Taiwan

Sheng-Wen Tseng1 and Cheng-Yi Lin2*

1Liberal Education Division, National Taiwan Ocean University, Keelung, Taiwan
2Language Center, National Dong Hwa University, Hualien, Taiwan

This study aims to analyze the influences of the street revitalization project, conducted by the University Social Responsibility (USR) project and implemented by researchers at a TW university (a code name) in a commercial area in Tangqi Village, Beigan Township, Lienchiang County (also called Matsu Islands). A literature review, field investigations, interviews, and workshops as well as civil community meetings, were used to collect primary and secondary data in this study. This study concludes the following. (1) The TW University specializes in educating and developing talent, Research and Development (R&D), and international studies. These specializations expand the scope of its social responsibilities to maintain an interactive dialog with the town in question about the goal of the USR Project. The ongoing dialogue between the researchers and the townspeople explains and updates the locals about the aim of the project, the business model, and about the desirable economic impact that the project has on the area. (2) The implementation of the USR project by TW university changes consumption patterns in the street area of Tangqi Village. These changes were the result of the creation of a business culture receptive to international visitors as well as the establishment of a mobile payment system. Further changes include the image of the street area, a mobile technology application for local shop owners, the packaging of souvenirs and hands-on activities, and the integration of English as part of the business activities.

Keywords:  Business model, Matsu Islands, University Social Responsibility (USR), Taiwan

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Received:July 01, 2022; Revised:July 22, 2022; Accepted:August 01, 2022; Published:September 30, 2022
*Corresponding author; e-mail:

Citation:Tseng, S.W., & Lin, C.Y.(2022). Transforming Street Business Model in a Matsu Island Village: Practice of University’s Social Responsibility in Taiwan. International Journal of Social Sciences and Artistic Innovations, 2(3), 6-14.

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