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International Journal of Business Studies and Innovation

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Vol.1, Iss.1, September 2021

 IJBSI 2021/9
Vol.1, Iss.1 : 50-58
Research on the Impact of Internet Word-of-mouth on Film Consumption ingness of College Students

Ju-Xiang Zhang1*
1School of Management, Xiamen University Tan Kah Kee College

In the context of the information age, consumers obtain information on products or services through online channels. Internet word-of-mouth has quickly become an emerging hotspot in the field of marketing, and its role in the film industry has become more prominent than before. Based on the relevant research of scholars, this paper constructs a research model to study the influence of film online word-of-mouth on college students’ consumption intention. Empirical research verified that source credibility, disseminator’s professional knowledge, word-of-mouth quality, word-of-mouth quantity, word-of-mouth potency, perceived credibility, network involvement, and receiver’s professional knowledge are positively correlated with college students’ film consumption intention. Based on the results, this study proposes a series of suggestions, such as improving the content quality of online word-of-mouth and the popularity of movies on the Internet to help movie companies effectively use online word-of-mouth to implement marketing.

Keywords:  Internet Word-of-mouth; College Students; Film Consumption ingness

*Corresponding author; e-mail:
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