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International Journal of Social Sciences and Artistic Innovations

Welcome to 2021 IEEE International Conference on Social Sciences and Intelligent Management



Taichung, Taiwan

August 29 – 31, 2021

The past decade has seen an unprecedented development and advancement in technology that has had a profound impact on the field of Intelligent Management. The innovations in data science, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, blockchain, inter alia, have changed the way people perceive and harness technology to cope with challenges the humanity are faced with. High-speed Internet connections, cloud computing and like terms that used to appear solely in journals of the technology field are becoming common knowledge of the financial industry. Education and social scientists concerned with general education, childcare, foreign language learning, long-term care, physical and mental disorders, and other socially vulnerable groups, are infusing and implementing Intelligent Management in their profession.The potential of Intelligent Management to improve the quality of life, decision-making in modern management, learning efficiency is promising and deserves exploration.

Topics of interest for submission include tehnological advancements and applications in the following fields, but not limited to:

♦ Finance, Insurance & Accounting

♦ Management

♦ Leisure, Sport & Hospitality

♦ Elderly Care

♦ Communication Arts

♦ Education and Technologies

♦ Social Work

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